Saturday, June 26, 2010

Our First Day In New York

The alarm rang at its usual time, but this was not a usual day.

For the most part, our morning routine was no different than any other, breakfast followed by coffee. But today there would be no walk to the office, instead, we called a cab and headed for the airport. We were off to New York!

We got to the airport early, over two hours before boarding. We checked in quickly, quickly went through security and baggage check, but then were was greeted by a horrendous line up for US Customs. Apparently the day before, because of the the G8 and G20 conferences, many passengers were bumped from yesterday to today.

People looked impatiently at their watches. We let a family of four go ahead of us as our turn approached, they were late for their flight. We met them later, they missed their flight. As did several others.

Probably for similar reasons, our flight took off 30 minutes later than scheduled, but we the flight was quick and enjoyable. Specatucular view of New York city was had as we flew over the skyline prior to our decent.

One is always curious to see what the apartment really looks like. We had an idea from photos off the internet, but one is always so curious as the door opens for the first time. The place is wonderful. Spacious and clean. Home for the next week.

There are so many neighborhoods in New York, each with their own charms. No matter where one stays in Manhatten, most sites are easily accessible. However, after a long day of walking and sight seeing, we like to come home to a neighborhood that is alive and vibrant, close to the action. Otherwise, one might be too tired to venture out later in the day. And the East Village is just the spot.

Dropping off our bags, we headed out for a quick walk around our neighborhood. With such a short flight, the small back of corn chips sure did not suffice, and our tummies started to growl. We found a pub, and I tried their Brooklyn lager, a delightful hoppy beer with a fruity almost juniper berry after taste. Very refreshing, which went well with the delicious burger I ordered. Hera ordered a Cajun wrap, along with a Stella Artois.

Our tummies happy, we went back to the apartment. The day was hot and a bit muggy, and I had to change into my shorts and pick up my pack back, before we headed out to the grocery store to stock up our apartment.

The basic chores taken care of, we again went out to explore our neighborhood. We had been to New York several times, and knew the various neighborhoods, so the awe that one gets in a new city was not there. That is not to say there was any disappointment. It is a diffenent pleasure to revisit a place that one thoroughly enjoys. And who can ever tire of a city like New York.

There was no real plan for today, then again, there really is no real plan for the next week either.

We walked down Broadway, and entered several elegant clothing boutiques. Then made our way along Canal Street and then up into Soho followed by Greenwich Village, walking in and out of the various small streets. We even came across a cafe we had first visited almost 20 years ago. An Italian cafe that apparently the first North American cappucino was served.

Our feet starting to tire, we found a table on the street, and enjoy a drink, as we chatted and people watched.

There are many things that attract people to New York, or any city for that matter, but one aspect that I thoroughly enjoy is to sit back, stop, and get a "feel" for the city that I am visiting. Something that cannot be rushed. One must take one's time.... and enjoy.


Hera & Anthony